British model-turned-TV presenter LISA SNOWDON has one big regret about her split from Hollywood hunk George Clooney - having to bid farewell to the star's pet pig.
The couple dated on and off for three years before finally splitting in 2005, and, during their relationship, Snowdon admits she formed a close bond with Clooney's pot-bellied pig Max, who died in 2006.
She says, "Max really was the cutest pet and I got along with him famously. When I was staying at George's house in Los Angeles, I'd always know it was time to wake up because Max would start squealing, asking to be let in."
And the former model is convinced that although having a pig in the house did seem unusual at first, she soon grew fond of Max's presence.
She adds, "Often he'd happily wander around the house. I'd come out of the bathroom and meet him on the landing. A pot-bellied pig might not sound like an ideal pet, but once you get to know them it's just like having a dog around."