The actress behind Lisa Simpson's voice in The Simpsons is revealing all about her eating disorders and plastic surgery in a new one-woman show.

Yeardley Smith has used notes from her journals to create new stage show YEARDLEY SMITH: MORE, which is a big hit in New York.

She says, "The cliche is you can change the outside as much as you like, but the inside more or less remains the same, and you are no more or less a better person for that."

In the show, the actress reveals she began dieting when she was nine and started vomiting at 14.

Then, upon arriving in Los Angeles, Smith got caught up in the mindset that if she fit the leading lady mold, she would get more work. As a result, she underwent liposuction.

She adds, "Ultimately, I don't regret having the plastic surgery. I do regret feeling as though if I didn't have it, I couldn't go on for another day."

14/04/2004 09:14