Former STEPS singer Lisa Scott-Lee is desperate to be the Robbie Williams of her band, now she's finally got creative control of her career.

Like one-time NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK star Danny Wood, Lisa names ex-TAKE THAT hunk Robbie as her inspiration for making it solo after topping the charts with a manufactured pop band.

She says, "Robbie has shown that there can be life after a pop group and we can have solo success. I'd love to have the same success as him."

And despite the unspectacular performance of solo singles such as LATELY, Lisa is convinced she has what it takes - because she's in charge of her own career.

She adds, "After Steps and managing my brothers in 3SL, I was desperate for a record deal but it was hard because of all the reality TV show pop stars. I could have got very depressed, especially as I was offered two deals, but not to write my own stuff - just to sing what was given to me.

"I held out and now I co-manage myself, which means I get to chose my singles - something some of the biggest names in the business don't do."

24/07/2003 13:27