Celebrity couple Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin are considering turning their Studio City, Los Angeles clothing store into a veritable Fort Knox - because they're sick of the amount of times the place has been broken into.
Their Belle Gray store was the victim of burglars, who made off with more than $100,000 (£66,600)-worth of clothes and accessories, on Monday morning (04Oct10), and Hamlin and Rinna can't believe their bad luck.
Belle Gray has been hit many times and the couple is so worried about becoming victims of gun-wielding robbers, they've fitted bulletproof glass - and they're now considering gating off the Ventura Boulevard store after shopping hours.
U.S. TV star Hamlin tells BlogTalkRadio.com, "Most stores get burgled eventually, particularly on Ventura Boulevard. We were burgled when we first opened, three times right away. We had windows then that were shatterable and we now have bullet proof glass in the entire store.
"They were able to break down the front door (on Monday). You couldn't get through the glass but you could break the door down."
Rinna adds, "A lot of people on Ventura Boulevard have those gates that come down. We never really wanted to go there because they're ugly and we probably were just stupid about that.
"Most people on the street have those gates so that tells you something right there. It was just an unfortunate situation. They snatch and grabbed. They grabbed the first two racks and grabbed what was off the table and got it. They probably did it in three minutes tops. It happens. It's small business so you deal with it."
And the couple is asking questions of its security company - because the alarm didn't appear to trigger.
Angry Hamlin says, "We have a security company with an alarm that goes off but we don't think it went off because it wasn't going when our manager got to the store. There were no police there because the alarm company called the wrong police department!
"I was on hold for so long with this company and when a human being finally answered the phone I said, 'OK, everybody's dead! It took me this long to get through to you guys.' It's like calling 911 and being on hold for 10 minutes."