Lisa Rinna was fired by Donald Trump on yesterday's (14th March 2011) episode of Us Celebrity Apprentice.
Lisa Rinna, the American television host and actress, is the second person to be eliminated from the current series of 'Celebrity Apprentice'.In the boardroom, Star Jones and Dionne Warwick explained that Rinna was given the job of project manager for the latest task, which was to create a children's book and perform it for kids. However, Rinna's group eventually lost out and it was the men, led by singer Meatloaf, who won the $20,000 charity donation. Reacting to Jones' and Warwick's criticism, Rinna said, "They threw me under the bus!" After being told that she was "fired", the actress left the boardroom and tweeted a message to her supportive fans that read, "Have I told you lately that I love you?! This girl feels your love and I thank you all!!" After coming under fire for her harsh words towards Rinna, lawyer and television personality Jones tweeted, "I was a bit "heartless" last night...but strategic for a long-term plan. It wasn't was all business".
Lisa Rinna's exit was discussed earlier today on 'Live with Regis and Kelly', with host Regis Philbin noting that the actress, "Seemed overwhelmed by the two gals", adding, "I wouldn't be surprised if Star Jones wins this thing".