PRISCILLA and Lisa Marie Presley proved they've still got ELVIS' love for cheap fast food when they visited Las Vegas, Nevada at the weekend (11FEB06) - by declining a sumptuous late-night snack and opting for grilled cheese sandwiches instead.

Mother and daughter called on Pure nightclub boss GREG JARMOLOWICH to help them pick a suitable late-night treat after checking out SIR Elton John's Red Piano show at Caesar's Palace.

The catering expert suggested all manner of celebrity-style snacks, but the Presleys just wanted something simple.

He tells website, "I gave them a breakdown of all the great restaurants here at Caesar's but all they wanted were grilled cheese sandwiches.

"We called Mesa Grill who prepared dozens of sandwiches and a huge bowl of French fries!"

The high-calorie snack mirrors that of Elvis' favourite treat - grilled peanut butter and banana sandwiches.