Lisa Marie Presley credits the buzz of performing live with killing her plans to quit the music industry.

The daughter of rock 'n' roll king ELVIS has suffered at the harsh hands of the media for a quarter of a century, and she admits the unwanted exposure occasionally leaves her craving for anonymity.

But the singer - whose ill-fated marriages to DANNY KEOUGH, MICHAEL JACKSON and Nicolas Cage have all made headline news - abolishes thoughts of hanging up the microphone every time she rocks out a live venue.

She says, "There are points when it gets a little overwhelming. But the redeeming factor is when I do my shows and I'm touring. I meet the fans and I see people singing the songs and I know that I've actually accomplished what I've set out for.

"It's not all about my ex-husbands or some craziness that I have nothing to do with."

28/04/2005 17:18