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Well MJ fans? I guess there goes your little fantasy theories right down the crapper. Lisa Marie done went and got hitched again. Maybe this guy can ring her bells. Wacko certainly never did. He spent all his Lisa Marie married time sneaking off to hotel rooms, and locking himself inside with one of the monkeys. Wonder what he was doing to that monkey... I wonder if it was the monkey that was trained to take the diaper off when it jumped into bed with wacko. Why would a monkey do that? If you were a guy, and married to Lisa Marie Presley, wouldn't you be jumping her bones a couple times a day? Yeah, yeah, I know, wacko isn't a guy by manly definition.The f'loons will say Lisa had a "love jones" for wacko. What kind of goofy ghetto crap is that? They'll also say she followed him around the world trying to get back with him. The real truth is that she suspected he was up to no good with little boys and maybe the monkeys. Of course, wacko insisting Lisa Marie wear a goofy looking, little boy type sailor suit around all the time had nothing to do with her suspicions. She never "did him" in the elevator like the f'loons claim either. Talk about a bunch of azz-witted dreamers.Ah well, I guess wacko is out of luck. Look at the bovine creature he paid for incubation services. MOOOOO! Now come on guys. You will NEVER EVER convince me that Debbie Rowe was an improvement over Lisa Marie Presley. Can you imagine having that thing walk over to you on a beach in a swimsuit? GAAAHHCKKCKCK!!! Run! Run! Help! NO WAY! I have NO idea WHO or WHAT that creature is. Call a truck and have it hauled off to the meat market.Yeah, out of luck. Now the f'loons can't claim Lisa Marie was just waiting for wacko to get his act together so they could get hitched again. You really ought to read some of the crap off the KOP board at sometime. If there was a site specifically designed to attact morons, they hit the nail square on the head with this one.Seeya f'

Posted 11 years 9 months ago by faggotjackson

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