Songbird Lisa Marie Presley remains on speaking terms with two of her ex-husbands but has no contact with former spouse Michael Jackson.

The sexy daughter of legendary star ELVIS regrets her lamentable record with matrimony but is glad that she left the BAD singer when she did.

She admits, "I'm sure there was happiness in the beginning with all of them. I'm still friends with DANNY (KEOUGH, her first husband) and I am still in contact with NICOLAS (CAGE). We talk all the time on the phone. (But) if I were to bump into Michael in the hotel lobby, I'd just say, 'Hi,' and then walk. We have no contact at all.

"I will just say that at one point I did say: 'This is like I'm on the Titanic and it's sinking.' And I wanted to help because I could see certain things happening.

"And he is sinking. I didn't know how long it would take, I didn't know when. Did I feel guilt that I left him? On the contrary."

01/07/2003 02:32