Rocker Lisa Marie Presley and ex-husband Nicolas Cage have become the best of friends after looking at their disastrous 180-day marriage from a distance.

The couple split in 2004 after a lover's tiff, leaving friends and fans convinced they'd always hate each other, but Presley insists nothing could be further from the truth.

She says, "We were two pirates... You can't have two pirates.

"That was not a fun time for either of us. He did redeem himself in the end and we did become very good friends after that and we're better like that, and (now) he's happily married and has a baby coming now, which is great. We're fine."

Presley admits she should have known the marriage was doomed because she couldn't see herself living happily ever after with the movie star.

She adds, "I had a bad, bad habit, which no one else should have... where I didn't think like that. I was caught up in some whirlwindy sort of romantic idea.

"That's why I've made as many mistakes as I have."

29/03/2005 02:28