Lisa Marie Presley was left squirming in her seat during a TV interview yesterday (05APR05), when ELLEN DeGENERES tried to coax her into confirming reports she's engaged.

Thrice-wed Presley, who is now dating guitarist MICHAEL LOCKWOOD, made an appearance on the comedienne's show to promote her new album NOW WHAT, when she was suddenly confronted with the personal question.

DeGeneres said, "Can we talk about Michael, your boyfriend? 'Cause there's a ring, or something."

A stunned Presley showed her ring-free hand to back up her denial, but the unconvinced funnygirl countered, "You took it off!"

After trying to question why DeGeneres would assume it to be "that kinda ring", Presley explained, "My stylist decided I shouldn't have any rings 'cause I had an earring in."

DeGeneres chose not to accept the explanation and congratulated Presley on her "engagement" anyway. Speculation about Presley's romance heightened in January (05), when Presley was spotted wearing a ring at Johnny Ramone's memorial service.

06/04/2005 03:14