Lisa-Marie Presley and former husband Nicolas Cage have put the past behind them to become best friends - after working out what made their short marriage a disaster.

The singer admits she still "adores" the actor and says they're great friends, despite the break-up of their three-month marriage last year (02).

Presley says she understands why the match was doomed to fail.

She explains, "It looked attractive. I thought I could be an equal.

"We had a great connection, but we're these gypsy-spirited tyrannical pirates, and when one pirate marries the other they'll sink the ship, basically.

"We'd been together for two years and we married hoping it would stabilise things."

The singer claims constant press taunting about Cage's apparent obsession with ELVIS was a strain on the relationship.

She adds, "I was sitting outside reading and I said to him, 'I can't believe they're pulling it off with you now. You've been in 50 movies, you're an amazing actor, you've won an ACADEMY AWARD and you're getting put off as an Elvis freak.'

"They always find some way to denigrate anyone I'm with. He got annoyed and I got annoyed."

08/05/2003 09:38