Lisa Marie Presley is considering marrying again after three failed attempts - because she's madly in love with new man MICHAEL LOCKWOOD.

The singer, who has previously been married to Michael Jackson and NICOLAS CAGE, met musician Lockwood when he joined her on tour in 2003.

And, despite a kiss-and-tell tabloid article about Lockwood's ex-wife who claimed Presley had stolen her man, ELVIS' daughter insists her new beau is the right man for her.

She tells VOGUE magazine, "It took me 36 years of a lot of accidents and mistakes to get to the point where I finally met the perfect person for me.

"If I get married again, it will be for the right reasons. I can actually say that Lockwood is the first person I've really thought this way about - 'Oh, this is what love is.' I want to get old with him.

"I would be there if he was sick, I would have children with him, I adore him."

21/07/2004 03:00