Lisa Marie Presley had a tough time promoting her debut album - because she was convinced people were only interested in her failed marriages to NICOLAS CAGE and Michael Jackson.

The LIGHTS OUT singer made a long-awaited arrival onto the music charts in 2003 with the release of TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN, and she became very aware that crowds seemed interested in her because of her past romances and the fact that she's Elvis Presley's daughter.

She says, "There were times when I felt really lost and wondered if I had the strength to keep making records.

"Even after I started opening for Chris Isaak, I didn't feel a connection with the audience because most people were coming to see him and were just curious about me for obvious reasons."

Presley says she finally felt accepted for her craft when she performed a show in New Jersey and fans knew her songs and even sang along.

But now she's promoting a new album, called NO WHAT, Presley has found she needs to exercise even more caution about the men who were in her life.

She adds, "I'm not prepared to talk about anything that has to do with Michael. He's too much of a hot stove, and there's a (child molestation) trial going on now."

16/03/2005 02:58