Lisa-Marie Presley is still waiting for her mother PRISCILLA to critique her debut album three weeks after it stormed the album charts around the world.

The singer's album TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN has been largely well received by critics, but she really wants to know what her mum thinks.

She says, "She just recently got a copy at Easter. I have to call her and find out.

"I'm really harsh on myself. Most artists I know, who are worth anything, don't tend to bask in their successes."

But Priscilla has already insisted she's heard enough of her daughter's rock star talents to know she's a natural.

Speaking to American talk show host Larry King last year (02), ELVIS' former wife said, "She did not sing for the longest time and I didn't even know she had a voice. I think she's very talented."

07/05/2003 20:57