Lisa Marie Presley accidentally divulged the secret about her twins to a U.S. news show months before her official announcement - but subsequently begged the producers to edit it out.
The singer is expecting a double bundle of joy this autumn (08), but only chose to reveal her news to the world earlier this month (Aug08).
And Presley admits she let slip about her babies while filming an interview for Entertainment Tonight several months ago, and is grateful that TV bosses agreed to keep her secret under wraps.
She writes on her blog, "A few months ago, I did a quick interview with Entertainment Tonight and I stuck my foot in my mouth and said that I was having twins by accident. I begged them to edit that out as I wasn't ready for it to be out there then, but when I was, I would give it to them exclusively.
"They really could have ran with it but they said they would not. They actually kept their word which I found so refreshing, I couldn't believe it.
"I really want to thank them for that. They are one of the last remaining Entertainment news shows that has kept its dignity and high standards in the current morally degraded climate we are now in."