Lisa Marie Presley will be thinking twice before she takes US NASCAR racers up on offers of a drive around the track at the upcoming Sam's Town 250, after one speed-lover terrified her with a thrill ride.

The rocker, who is set to enjoy a stint as grand marshal, once agreed to belt up for a hairy high-speed drive in former race ace WALLY DALLENBACH's motor and she's now determined to stay out of fast cars.

She says, "He was riding a half inch away from the wall and bottoming out, which freaked me out.

"It was exciting... but he was having his own party. A party for one."

And Presley admits she doesn't know how racing car drivers put up with the intense temperatures they have to endure as they race around the track.

She adds, "I got in one of those race uniforms. It's like 250 degrees with that on. It that were me, I would have been in the ER getting electrolytes."