Singer Lisa Marie Presley was so distraught after her marriage to MICHAEL JACKSON fell apart, she had a physical and mental breakdown.

Elvis Presley's little girl, currently making her own mark on the music world with debut album TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN, married the THRILLER legend in 1994, but their union disintegrated after just 21 months.

And Lisa Marie, who was previously wed to DANNY KEOUGH, insists she had no choice but to abandon the marriage - even though the consequences were disastrous.

She recalls "I was screwed up. It was two years of unwinding the web that was woven in my head.

"It started emotionally and then it become physical. I was in a lot of trouble health-wise. Every week there was something wrong. It started with panic attacks, stomach problems. Then one week hypoglycaemia, next week asthma. I was in hospital twice. I lost my gall bladder.

"I worried constantly. My body seemed to be failing at every turn. It wasn't a mental breakdown, it was physical. It was really amazing and it went on for about two years."

01/07/2003 09:15