Singer Lisa Marie Presley fell for ex-husband Michael Jackson because she finally found someone who was as famous as her.

ELVIS's daughter - who has three failed marriages, to Jackson, little-known musician DANNY KEOUGH and actor NICOLAS CAGE - admits it's difficult finding a man when you're burdened with celebrity, and that's why Jackson appealed to her.

She says, "You have a difficult situation with me because of the celebrity thing. If I'm with a guy he might be a talented and beautiful person but he basically becomes Mr F***ing Presley.

"Their whole identity just gets pummeled. Which is very hard for a man, and creates resentment. That's what happened in my first marriage.

"Then I met Michael and I could tell he was interested in me - we had a connection at the time.

"I don't know him anymore and I don't know what's happened since then but at the time he was different to how he presents himself to people."

05/12/2003 17:20