Lisa Marie Presley's new album NOW WHAT is full of tributes to her parents, ELVIS and PRISCILLA including one song, RAVEN, which always makes her mother cry.

The rocker admits she wrote the song after finally coming to terms with her relationship with her mother two years ago (03).

She says, "(It's about) the evolution of her and me. It came to me; the chorus locked into the lyrics and got emotional and I figure I was on to something when I do that.

"It's taken a long time for us to bond... We're so the opposite of each other... She's got a china shop and I'm the bull that comes in.

"I'm more abrasive, she's very poised and the way she is and I am the way I am and I think that just couldn't find a way to blend or exist.

"I feel like she wanted me to go to college and marry a lawyer or a doctor.... I think she wanted me to absolutely avoid singing... and I didn't turn out or come close to anything that she had in mind."

The new CD, released next week (05APR05) also features a sleeve dedication to Lisa-Marie's famous parents, which reads, "For my beautiful mother and father... Each of us have pioneered unusual, imperfect lives and challenges and we're still an eternal unit, never broken and I love and appreciate you two so very much it could bury me alive."

30/03/2005 09:05