Lisa Marie Presley has turned to astrology to help her find lasting love after three failed marriages.

The Aquarian rocker has struggled to find true happiness with MICHAEL JACKSON, Nicolas Cage and DANNY KEOUGH and now she's looking for the answers in unorthodox new love guide HOW TO SPOT A B**TARD BY HIS STAR SIGN.

Speaking on her website recently, she says, "I've been reading a book on tour that you ladies out there, who might have a blemished love life, might find as amusing as I did."

And she has been telling pals that she wishes she had this book 15 years ago because it would have helped steer her away from her disastrous marriages.

The co-author SUSI RAJA (corr) is thrilled Lisa Marie likes her book, and she's sure it will help her avoid marriage mistakes in future.

Raja says, "The book explains how to avoid dating complete scum, and how to keep current boyfriends and husbands in their place."

29/08/2003 01:45