Lisa Marie Presley has laughed off all the bizarre rumours surrounding her ex Michael Jackson, insisting he's quite normal.

The upcoming singer, daughter of Elvis Presley, wed pop's reclusive king in the Dominican Republic in 1994. The marriage didn't last, but Lisa is still protective of her one-time beau, insisting he's neither as odd - nor as dangerous - as some people like to suggest. In fact, she suggests, much of Jackson's bizarre image is self-generated.

She reveals, "He likes to present himself as something completely different to the world. I don't know why, even with that high-pitched voice, but he's actually like the Wizard Of Oz, working this whole machine about himself.

"He let me see who he really was, and he's very normal. Maybe we shouldn't have gotten married, but we were both raised a little differently and were in situations that not your normal person would be in. There was a connection right away."

15/06/2003 14:01