Lisa Marie Presley debuted her new 'duet' with her late father ELVIS on pal Oprah Winfrey's daytime show on Monday (10Sep07). Using modern technology, Presley and his daughter have teamed up for a new version of ballad In The Ghetto. Black and white footage of the two singers gave way to Lisa Marie, dressed in an azure gown, joined by the Harlem Gospel Choir. The rocker recorded the duet with her father to raise funds for charity, and she admits she picked the song carefully: "I felt that it had a lot to say and it made a great point. "I've been asked for years to do a song with him, by his fans, so it made a lot of sense to do that one." The bulk of the cash raised from sales of the song will go to help the ongoing New Orleans, Louisiana relief effort - something that became clear to Lisa Marie shortly after she picked the song. She adds, "I ended up going to New Orleans because the director I wanted was in New Orleans... and as I was going from the airport to go shoot the video, I'm looking at all this abandoned, desolate... place that I was thinking was being repaired." And she admits the two-hour recording session was tough, and brought her to tears: "I don't sing as well as he does... I don't usually get emotional (about this)... so I knew that was something special, that moment."