Lisa Marie Presley has hit out at claims her debut tour this summer (03) was ruined by her stagefright - she was actually battling illness.

The daughter of rock legend Elvis Presley battled with reported stage nerves, vomiting and a crippling back complaint as she went on the road with velvet-voiced veteran CHRIS ISAAK - in a bid to promote her debut album TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN - but Lisa insists nerves weren't to blame.

She says, "There was something really wrong with my stomach. I felt like I was going to throw up constantly. I was tired of people saying it was my nerves, because it wasn't. They found gastritis and a bacteria overgrowth and all these problems.

"I was trying to get through it every night, and it was just a bloody nightmare because singing aggravated it. And I couldn't cancel. It was my first tour; I knew there was no way to not do it."

Now well again, Presley has high hopes for her first solo tour, which begins in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Saturday (13SEP03).

She says, "I'm definitely rested and trying to get geared up. So I'm hoping this will be different. I just finished all the antibiotics."

11/09/2003 13:51