Aspiring singer Lisa Marie Presley remembers brief visits from her father ELVIS with fondness - because he used to lavish expensive presents on her.

Musical legend Elvis, who split from Lisa Marie's mother PRISCILLA when she was four, bought her a jet plane, fur coat, diamond jewellery and a miniature golf cart in her younger years - but the wealthy former wife of Michael Jackson and Nicolas Cage insists she was never spoilt by her doting dad.

She says, "I knew he had limited time with me and that he was just trying to do whatever it was to make me happy at that time. It wasn't a regular thing.

"I'd go back to my mom and it'd be the complete opposite. I knew it was a special thing and the time I had with him was special so therefore he was going to go out of his way with me to make me happy."

01/07/2003 17:25