Lisa Marie Presley has been blasted by a businesswoman for wrecking her wedding dreams after reportedly stealing her fiancee.

The rock star has fallen for her guitarist MICHAEL LOCKWOOD, and his ex, SHELLEY MAXWELL, is making it clear she's bitterly upset about the new romance.

Maxwell has revealed all to American tabloid NATIONAL ENQUIRER.

She says, "We had been living together for six years and were planning our wedding in March 2003. But there were issues between us that finally became unsolvable.

"He had been touring with Lisa Marie for almost a year and it's hard to have a relationship when one person is gone all the time.

"I don't want to believe that Michael was cheating on me with Lisa Marie but friends say I should wake up and smell the coffee.

"When Lisa dumps him, Michael shouldn't think he's coming back to me."

22/04/2004 09:47