Lisa Lampanelli certainly spoke her mind during Sunday's episode of the Celebrity Apprentice (April 29, 2012), after losing patience with Dayana Mendoza's mismanagement of their group. The only problem was that Lisa chose to explode at her teammate as Donald Trump paid the group a visit to check on their progress, reports US Weekly magazine.
When Lampanello demanded some credit for the group's task, Mendoza handed all her compliments to Clay Aiken, saying, "It's tough -- [Clay] knows what he's doing and she's been very loud", to which Lisa replied, "That's not true - this whole day I've been very very quiet and you're being passive aggressive and it's not cool. I can't even take your bulls-t. I have been quiet, ask any of these people, and you have to tell him I'm loud? If you want loud, honey, you f--king got it!". In the end, Mendoza's team lost the challenge and the model was ultimately held accountable, with Trump telling her, "I think you're a fantastic person, you've been here a lot, and you've escaped, but you escaped fairly. You're a beautiful woman, you have an amazing career, but Dayana, you're fired".
Contestants on this week's winning team included talk-show host Arsenio Hall and former singer Aubrey O'DAY.