Lisa Kudrow doesn't think she was ''very good'' in 'The Boss Baby'.

The 53-year-old actress - who has son Julian, 18, with her husband Michel Stern - voices the mum in the new DreamWorks animated adventure but because she had to do numerous takes for all her scenes, she isn't convinced she did a particularly great job, though she had a lot of fun.

She said: ''I did my takes about 400 times, so that tells me I wasn't very good.

''But I really enjoyed it.

''I thought the story was very clever and funny, yet grounded in a ridiculous reality. When a baby comes into the house, they are the boss because they can't do anything for themselves.''

Lisa can also currently be seen in wedding comedy 'Table 19', and she admitted the subject matter - a collection of random guests seated at a table with no connection to one another - struck a chord with her.

Asked if the simple plot was what appealed to her, she said: ''That and the fact I'm always at that table. I wanted to be there at my own wedding, because you're away from all the chaos.

''I thought it was an honour to sit there, but this film has taught me otherwise.''

However, one think Lisa thinks was an ''honour'' was being part of such a strong comedic ensemble in the movie.

She added to heat magazine: ''But it was an honour to sit at that table with Anna Kendrick, June Squibb, Stephen Merchant and Craig Robinson. It was one of those really great ensemble pieces that don't come around very often.''