Former FRIENDS star Lisa Kudrow is worried about her upcoming 10th wedding anniversary - because she's "horrible" at selecting gifts for her husband Michel Stern.

Friday (27MAY05) will mark 10 years since the blonde actress exchanged nuptials with her beau, and she fears the special day could be marred by her unconventional tastes in gifts.

She says, "(On Friday) I'll be working all day, and probably into the night. And maybe we'll exchange gifts, I'm hoping.

"(Michel) gives phenomenal gifts. He gives beautiful jewellery - and I don't honour him by wearing any of it, so maybe he'll stop.

"But I give horrible gifts. I'm the worst. One year, I thought it would be really fun. He likes gadgets so I got him an electric cheese grater with a light on it. He was like, 'So in the middle of the night I'm going to need to grate cheese?'"

23/05/2005 03:18