Rapper ANDRE '3000' BENJAMIN is hoping bosses of movie studio Fox destroy a disastrous audition tape he appeared in, because he sweated profusely throughout the whole ordeal.

In the early stages of making a transition from music to acting, the OUTKAST star admits that standing in front of movie executives to win roles was a far from pleasant experience.

He says, "I was supposed to be playing this ultra-cool guy. I was supposed to have a cigarette. I was totally not that person.

"The people in the room pretended that nothing unusual was going on, but when it was over - I remember Lisa Bonet was out in the hallway waiting on her turn - I ran into the bathroom and looked at my face, and I looked like I just climbed out of a pool.

"I pray the people at Fox have honour, man. I beg them, destroy that tape."

Benjamin later decided he was better off asking his agents to arrange lunch meetings with his favourite directors, so he could land roles that way.