Lionel Richie's ex-wife has been named in a new lawsuit - for allegedly administering an illegal anti-wrinkle substance to her surgeon boyfriend's clients.

DIANE RICHIE is named in the affidavit, obtained by American court show CELEBRITY JUSTICE, by a federal investigator against plastic surgeon DANIEL TOMAS FUENTE SERRANO - the man who helped her through her divorced from the soul singer.

In the documents, the government claims Richie aided Serrano, who is accused of injecting several friends and colleagues with an anti-wrinkle substance not approved by federal watchdogs.

Serrano allegedly claimed to be a physician when he wasn't actually licensed to practice in the United States.

The documents mention that several high profile members of the Hollywood elite, including Larry King's wife and Lionel Richie himself, received the injections.

17/11/2004 02:37