Lionel Richie was so alarmed by his daughter NICOLE's extreme weight loss, he insisted on accompanying her to a series of doctor's appointments to try and diagnose the problem. The ALL NIGHT LONG star was terrified Nicole's health was in danger and wanted to know if she had an eating disorder. He tells US TV show 20/20, "Believe me, I've checked it out three different ways to Sunday. So, you know, I went to her, and I said, 'Okay, what is it?' "Is it really an eating disorder?' Because we went to a couple of doctors and the doctors said, 'Well, it's not an eating disorder. She's just - her nerves affect her in weight.'" Nicole insists she is slowly working her way back to a healthy weight, despite a gruelling schedule which includes recording her pop album, filming the fourth season of The Simple Life with former pal Paris Hilton and developing her own sitcom.