Soul singer Lionel Richie is proud of daughter NICOLE for achieving success in her own right - thanks to hit TV show The Simple Life.

The GRAMMY-winner, 54, is delighted to see Nicole's star ascend due to her role in the reality show alongside best friend Paris Hilton.

Richie enthuses, "All of a sudden I'm being introduced as Nicole's father.

"In the last couple of months it's, 'Oh, you're Nicole's dad?' And I go, 'No, no, no - Nicole is my daughter.'"

Richie cites Stella Mccartney as another example of a daughter of a famous parent - former BEATLES star SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY - who has successfully carved out her own career as a fashion designer.

Richie says, "I was on the same flight as Stella McCartney last year. She was coming to Los Angeles to open her shop here, and I realised she's managed to do a wonderful thing.

"She's stepped out of the shadow of her father.

"My daughter has done the same thing - not what I expected at all. My daughter is in a hit TV show.

"What's more, there are no lines to learn, she just has to be herself. How lucky can that be?"

18/02/2004 17:11