Soul legend Lionel Richie and his ex-wife DIANE are planning a reunion to see if they can re-ignite their romance.

The HELLO singer is planning the romantic holiday in the hope of rebuilding their relationship.

Richie and his wife split in 2003, months before Diane and her lover DR DANIEL SERRANO were caught up in an illegal cosmetic surgery scandal.

The couple will take their children, MILES and SOPHIE, with them when they vacation in the Bahamas. A source says, "Lionel and Diane are really enjoying each other's company these days, but he's taking it slow with her."

Diane demanded $300,000 (GBP166,000) a month from Richie in her divorce lawsuit, claiming she needed to uphold the lifestyle she was accustomed to, which includes clothing and jewellery shopping excursions, massages, cosmetic surgery and laser hair removal treatments.

22/07/2005 09:30