Soul veteran Lionel Richie was so thrilled when his daughter Nicole Richie announced her engagement to DJ beau Adam Goldstein he was moved to tears.

Earlier this month (FEB05), the reality TV beauty revealed that she and Goldstein, whose professional name is DJ AM, would marry after months of speculation.

And Nicole says her father was elated when Goldstein decided to go the old fashioned route and request her hand in marriage.

Nicole says, "(Adam is) a great fiance. He is old fashioned. He said, 'I really don't want to do this without asking your father's permission.' And I said, 'Why?' He was like, 'Because that's what you do. That's what guys do and it's respectful.' I was like, 'Okay, whatever, I doubt it's gonna be that big of a deal.'

"But he did it and my dad was like tearing up. He thought we were joking because I've joked with him about so many things. He didn't think I was serious. But he was really excited and he loved that Adam asked him."

22/02/2005 03:36