Lionel Richie's daughter NICOLE is urging fans to return her Louis Vuitton luggage if they find it, after it went missing as she travelled to New York yesterday (22JUN04).

Nicole made her way over to the Big Apple from her home in Los Angeles to promote her and best pal Paris Hilton's reality TV show The Simple Life 2, but was forced to run out and go "emergency shopping" after her clothes failed to arrive with her.

Nicole bought herself a black dress to wear on David Letterman's chat show last night, just two hours before she made her appearance.

She says, "My bags that were just plain black bags with nothing exciting in them happened to come through and then my one Louis Vuitton bag - gone! All my stuff for like this whole week. Clothes, shoes, everything. I don't think I'm gonna get it back.

"Anyone, if you're at the airport and you're at AMERICA WEST, please look for my bag and call me and give it to me - I need it! I love my stuff in there."

24/06/2004 00:06