Lionel Richie's foul-mouthed daughter NICOLE has caused huge problems for bosses at American TV network Fox after swearing on live TV.

The socialite-turned-reality TV star shocked viewers of last week's (10DEC03) Billboard Music Awards when she launched into an unexpected foul-mouthed rant while presenting an award with her A SIMPLE LIFE co-star Paris Hilton.

Censorship experts were unable to bleep the words out during the live broadcast on America's East coast, prompting parents to jam phone lines as they called to complain.

Now America's PARENTS TELEVISION COUNCIL (PTC) have served a formal complaint to the FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION, which decides what is and isn't acceptable.

A spokesman for the PTC says, "It's breaking the law. The broadcast networks are given the airwaves for free and then, in turn, they're supposed to uphold the public's trust."

Red-faced bosses at Fox have since apologised for the gaffe. In a statement, they say, "We experienced a failure in the system designed to prevent such an occurrence, and are working to ensure that it does not happen again."

16/12/2003 09:08