At 66, Lionel is two years younger than Rolling Stones star Ronnie, who is expecting twins with his 37-year-old wife Sally Humphreys, but the Dancing on the Ceiling crooner is adamant he could not follow in the rocker's footsteps.

"Of course, Ronnie Wood can have children, he's a Rolling Stone, he can defy the laws of gravity. It would probably kill me," he tells Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper. "I really can't see myself having any more children. I have enough. I've turned a corner."

Lionel has three grown-up children - adopted daughter Nicole Richie, from his marriage to Brenda Harvey, and Miles, 21, and Sofia, 17, with second wife Diane Alexander.

He has been dating model Lisa Parigi for four years, but the singer is adamant he won't be walking down the aisle again.

"I don't think I'll get married again. I'm a little spooked on that. You try marriage once and you try it twice and think, 'Do I want to roll the dice again?' I'm not convinced," he adds.