The veteran crooner was being interviewed for British morning show Lorraine at a London hotel, but the pre-recorded segment descended into chaos when alarm bells began ringing.

Lionel was discussing his appearance at U.K. music festival Glastonbury over the summer (15) when he was interrupted by the siren.

The singer appeared to be amused by the unexpected hold-up, and began shouting over the bells, "I love it! Oh my God we're trapped... We're trapped in a hotel. Everyone stay calm!"

Host Lorraine Kelly then attempted to reassure viewers, saying, "It'll be fine, Lionel is here..." prompting the singer to yell, "In that case, run!"

Lorraine went on to insist the siren was just a drill, saying, "They're just testing it (the alarm)..." and the singer replied, "Don't worry, until the fire comes down the hall we don't worry about it (sic)."

After the alarm bells stopped ringing, the pair continued the interview as planned, and Lionel carried on talking about his experiences at Glastonbury.

"The crowd, it was one of those moments in time that I will never forget," he said. "It was one of those things where, yes, I did my show. and the crowd sing all the songs. I have to sit there for the whole show and be like, 'I can sing it for you if you want'... That was Lionel Richie karaoke night... on steroids."

The singer also discussed his upcoming tour plans, insisting his appearance at the music festival gave him the confidence to head out on the road again.

"I am supposed to be away now for a year and a half to two years... there are so many people who want to see the show, " he added.