Hunky singers Lionel Richie and Lenny Kravitz rescued a record executive from a savage beating at London's Chinawhite nightclub on Monday night (12JUL04).

The launch of ex-OMD frontman ANDY McCLUSKY's new band GENIE QUEEN was soured by a furious guest who punched a music boss in the face for allegedly seducing his girlfriend.

And before bouncers could intervene the superstar duo astounded guests by diving into the fray to break up the fight, reports Britain's DAILY MIRROR newspaper.

One guest reveals, "This guest was furious. He reckoned the record executive had been getting hot and heavy with his girlfriend. He was devastated. This wasn't just a little argument, it was turning into a no-holds-barred fight.

"Before bouncers could get there, Lionel and Lenny jumped in to break it up. You don't expect to see two global superstars breaking up a club scrap.

"It was amazing. Forget Spidey, these two were much more impressive. They were both real peacekeepers. Neither Len nor Lionel seemed worried about getting stuck in. They both hate violence and obviously couldn't bear just to stand by."

15/07/2004 14:09