LATEST: A federal raid seems to have further damned Lionel Richie's ex-wife and her plastic surgeon lover as they fight to clear their names in a medical malpractice and fraud case.

DIANE RICHIE was arrested on Monday (15NOV04) for allegedly allowing her boyfriend to operate an illegal cosmetic surgery clinic in her bathroom.

She was charged with aiding and abetting DANIEL SERRANO, who allegedly injected patients, including Lionel, with anti-wrinkle drugs, which had not received approval by American health authorities.

Diane Richie was released from jail on Tuesday (16NOV04) on bail, but her troubles have only just begun - authorities seized cash, jewellery and significant amounts of a liquid substance believed to be used in the manufacture of an illegal anti-wrinkle drug, connected to the case, from three properties in Los Angeles on Wednesday (17NOV04).

Two of the properties raided were banks and the cash, jewels and liquid substance were found in two safety deposit boxes. One of the boxes was reportedly registered jointly in the names of Daniel Serrano and Diane Richie.

According to court documents obtained by American court show CELEBRITY Justice, Argentinean Serrano is not licensed to practice medicine in the United States.

19/11/2004 02:17