LATEST: Federal investigators in America have discovered shamed celebrity plastic surgeon DANIEL SERRANO injected clients with industrial-grade silicone.

Reporters for scandal show CELEBRITY JUSTICE have obtained details surrounding the Argentinean doctor's arrest and they reveal he resorted to using a highly-dangerous silicone - a substance often used for industrial applications, such as hydraulic brake fluid - when he ran out of another illegal wrinkle eraser.

Multiple sources investigating the case state they have reason to believe the man known to several celebrities as DR DANIEL staged a number of 'Hollywood house parties.'

And investigators are advising his clients to have biopsies to see if the potentially lethal silicone is, in fact, in their bodies.

Serrano famously conducted business in Lionel Richie's bathroom after he started dating the singer's estranged wife DIANE. She has also been linked to his arrest and charged with aiding and abetting.

02/12/2004 03:42