Bosses of a video games manufacturer have asked a judge to dismiss Lindsay Lohan's lawsuit over allegations a character featured in Grand Theft Auto V is based on her.

The Mean Girls star filed suit against Take-Two Interactive, the developers behind the popular game, last month (Jul14), claiming they used her image without permission to create the fictional Lacey Jonas.

Lohan also alleges gamemakers based the character on her own life, but Take-Two bosses have now fired back at the actress' claims and asked a judge at a court in New York City to dismiss the case.

In legal documents, obtained by the New York Post, company bosses state, "The portrayal of a Hollywood figure being chased by paparazzi, of course, is hardly unique to Ms. Lohan... She also alleges that Grand Theft Auto V features a hotel similar to the Hotel Chateau Marmont of West Hollywood, where she once resided. This allegation underscores the thinness of Ms. Lohan's claims: Gtav is a parody of Los Angeles, so it is unsurprising that it features similar buildings... The complaint is a bad-faith filing and abuse of the court system and should be dismissed."

Grand Theft Auto V was released last September (13) and proved popular with video games fans, scoring worldwide sales of more than $800 million (£470.6 million) on its first day.