The Mean Girls star took to social media on Saturday (23Jul16) to take aim at her 23-year-old beau in a series of angry posts, including one which featured a picture of Egor and a female named Dasha Pashevkina, who Lindsay claimed was a prostitute.

"Wow thanks #fiance with Russian hooker @dasha_pa5h," she added sarcastically, before uploading a video clip of Egor partying. "Home? First time in my life-bare with he/ he cheated on me with hooker," she captioned the footage.

Lindsay's father has now told Us Weekly he has been in constant contact with his 30-year-old daughter ever since she made her cheating allegations public.

"She said he cheated," he told the publication. "I don't think she would say that if it wasn't true. She had never accused him before, you know?... She's texting me back and forth that she's OK but Egor is off the radar, and he has been off the radar since this happened."

Lindsay's tweets came after a shocking fight with Egor in the early hours of Saturday morning, when police were called and kicked down the door of her London apartment after neighbours heard her screaming and claiming that her fiance had "strangled and almost killed" her.

Michael was also asked about Lindsay's suggestion she may be pregnant, after she shared a post of herself sporting a baby bump in the movie Labor Pains.

"Lindsay Lohan labour pains trailer - I am pregnant!!" she wrote in the bizarre tweet.

The 2009 film is about a woman who fakes her pregnancy, only to discover she really is with child.

Michael's response to the baby news was short, saying, "All I know is what she said... Things happen. I don't know what their relationship is like. Relationships take twists and turns, what are you going to do?"

Michael told Us Weekly he's only met Russian millionaire Egor a handful of times, but approved of him after seeing how happy he made his daughter. But now, he admits Egor may have just been putting his congeniality on for show, saying, "People are on their best behaviour sometimes and you don't know what's going on behind the scenes. You don't know what they're all about. Everyone's true colours come out sooner or later."

Egor reportedly popped the question to Lindsay in April (16), after eight months of dating.