Lindsay Lohan's father MICHAEL is working as a religious minister helping young people kick addictions to drugs and alcohol, with actor Stephen Baldwin. Lohan began his training while serving a prison sentence for "aggravated unlicensed driving" and attempted assault. After his release in March (07) he began working in Long Island, New York - with born-again Christian Baldwin, part of the famous acting clan. He tells PageSix, "I took a correspondence course while I was away and am now credentialed to be a minister. I'm not licensed or what you call officially ordained, but I am certified. "Will I stay where I am right now, or am I going to go further into ministry or what, I can't quite say. It depends on where things are going. But I want to give back. I want to rescue young people. I want to help them. I want to show them the way. I'm a drug, alcohol and rehab counselor. It's called Teen Challenges. And working here side by side with me is Stephen Baldwin."