Lindsay Lohan's father MICHAEL has slammed rumours he's suicidal, blaming an impostor for posting a series of worrying messages online suggesting he planned to take his own life.
Born-again Christian Michael Lohan has been at war with Lindsay and his ex-wife Dina over his claims the actress is battling an addiction to prescription drugs - allegations both the star and her mother have repeatedly denied.
The family rift appeared to have plunged Michael into a state of depression when a account registered under the name TheMichaelLohan alluded to his suicide.
The posts, which have since been deleted, even included a message to the Mean Girls star.
The fraudster wrote: "Fiance (sic) just left me. My whole family hates me. I spent Thanksgiving with my mom I just cant do any of this any more. The death of my father put me in a black hole idk (I don't know) what to do.
"Heading to the Brooklyn Bridge. Goodbye @Lindsaylohan Love You. Bye."
But Michael has hit out at the fake posts and is considering legal action against the fraudster, because he has never signed up to the social networking account.
In an email to gossip blog, Lohan Sr. writes, "This is not not not me. I do not have and never had a twitter and twitter's corporate office confirms that. My lawyers are investigating."