Teen idol Lindsay Lohan disappointed fans and her JUST MY LUCK castmates, boy band McFly on Wednesday night (28JUN06), when she failed to turn up at the film's London premiere. The Mean Girls star is currently filming her forthcoming movie GEORGIA RULE in California, so wasn't able to fly across the Atlantic for the screening in the British capital's Leicester Square. This is the second time Lohan has missed a London premiere - last year (05) she cancelled her appearance at the screening of HERBIE: Fully Loaded. MCFly drummer HARRY JUDD, who claims he had a fling with the 19-year-old actress on the set of movie last year, says, "She didn't call to say she wasn't coming or give us a reason why. "It's the second time she's ignored London and people will be annoyed with her. "I don't know if she still has a problem with me. I don't care really. I'm so over the whole me-and-Lindsay thing. She's an idiot." Lohan has vehemently denied Judd's claims, but the rocker insists, "We spent the night and had a fumble, you know. We did things teenagers do. I didn't shag her."