A man has been arrested in New York City after allegedly assaulting actress Lindsay Lohan in her hotel room.

The Mean Girls star was partying at nightclub 1 Oak on Saturday night (29Sep12) when she invited a guy she had just met back to her suite at the W Hotel in Manhattan's Union Square to continue hanging out with her friends.

However, the late night gathering ended abruptly when Lohan pulled the fire alarm and called the police to her suite after getting into an altercation with the man, who has since been identified as Christian LaBella.

The argument was reportedly started after she spotted several photos of herself on his cell phone.

According to local news station NBC New York, the 26 year old claims LaBella grew angry after she confronted him about the snaps, allegedly prompting him to attack Lohan, choking her and throwing her to the ground before the actress' pal was able to restrain him.

The star only sustained minor scratches to her hands and refused medical help.

LaBella, 25, was taken into custody in the early hours of Sunday (30Sep12) and has since been charged with two counts of assault and two counts of harassment.