Lindsay Lohan's estranged father is fuming after his Twitter account was targeted by an internet hacker who posted allegations the troubled actress had contracted HIV and engaged in an underage affair with Mariah Carey's ex-husband, music mogul Tommy Mottola.
The patriarch's blog on the social networking site was updated on Tuesday morning (27Apr10) with several vicious posts which suggested his daughter was infected with the virus and that she slept with Mottola when she was 17.
One post read: "It's time you learned the truth... about Tommy Motolla (sic) engaging in an affair with my then-17 year old daughter.
"The truth about my daughter living with HIV for the rest of her life as a result of the decisions she has made."
Michael Lohan spotted the hoax after it had been uploaded and removed the postings.
And he quickly took to his blog to warn followers his page had been hacked, insisting the guilty party would face legal action.
He wrote: "NOTICE,There is an imposter (sic) on Twitter,and whoever the imposter (sic) is that posted that disgusting comment about my daughter, is now on notice.
"My attorney, Lisa Bloom will be contacting the authorities to find out who is responsible for this "criminal act" of ID theft,/imperaonation (sic)."