Teen star Lindsay Lohan has caused a storm of controversy after she pulled out of a US morning TV appearance, citing "food poisoning", before making a full recovery to appear on MTV just hours later.

The MEAN GIRLS star, 19, joined Naomi Watts, Peter Jackson, Adrien Brody, Jack Black and George Lucas at the New York City King Kong premiere and after-party on Monday night (05DEC05), but the next morning (06DEC05) cancelled her scheduled appearance on LIVE WITH REGIS AND KELLY, complaining of food poisoning.

However, later that evening, Lohan was well enough to join Ashanti on MTV's TOTAL REQUEST LIVE (TRL), sparking speculation she had been partying too hard the night before.

On Live yesterday, host Regis Philbin complained, "Lindsay Lohan is sick. She's not coming. Well, that's kind of a blow. She has food poisoning."

A spokeswoman for Live confirms to The Scoop website, "I can confirm only that she was booked on the show and she did cancel."